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Alongside my studies, I work as a freelance web developer, where I have helped hundreds of clients across the globe with a 5-star satisfaction rate, either by enhancing their web development skills or by turning their ideas into real-life products.

Some projects I have worked on are listed below:

emuna.bio helps you identify harmful ingredients by scanning and analyzing products you purchase from your local supermarkets. My goal was to create the entire website from scratch, while also explaining the technical details live to the owner.

Status: In Development

discoveromniaelevate.com sells bracelets that enhance your well-being. Alongside the bracelets, Elevate provides over 160 videos tailored to help maintain a positive mindset. My goal was to convert the original WordPress website into a MERN stack web application while providing ongoing tutoring lessons to the owner.

Status: In Development

valyoux.io is the first blockchain-powered music investment financial stock market where users can invest in artists by buying and selling stocks. Despite joining the project late, I am assisting the owner with bug fixes and adding new features.

Status: In Development

Are you looking to learn how to program or perhaps how to build full-scale web apps and land your dream job? Did you know that the Bureau of Labor Statistics is projecting a 13% growth in web developer jobs in the U.S. alone by 2030?

From thousands of struggles, spending days solving a single problem, and taking at least 6 months for my freelancing career to take off, to helping clients with startups, I am ready to help you transform your skills and solve any problem you might have.

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