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Making a galactic science fiction game!

Your Skills will be Strained

My fascination of games, started from a very young age, specifically at 4.

While I was practicing with 3D modelling as well as the Unity 3D game engine, I was approached by a Discord team on a Facebook Group with an invitation to join as an artist. I happily accepted.

While I was part in the team of 9 members, I met people from around the globe. Everyone had different skillsets while I took the role of a 3D artist.

The project ended up being more of a hobby than a primary job, so we all were volunteers and working on the project in our spare time. During the time, I managed to create a human character as well as ammo boxes, however the project has been quiet for the last year.

Of course, this sparked a small interest in game development, specifically for mobile phones, which I am also keen to spend my spare time to build small games.

I have more work!

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